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Missing the Unseen @ DBH

Missing the Unseen

Vote here Missing the Unseen


RIP Moonwalker


RIP MoonWalker, we’ll be missing those moves MJ

Graphika Manila ’09 book


“DEAD SUCKER” Reprinted @ Threadless!!!

Grab yourself one now!!! click


Website,Finally renovated and improved!

Finally it’s done!!! i had to do some reworking on my website,and I would like to thanks the comments and suggestions to make my site look more my style,and improved the look of my portfolio page,thaaaaaanks!!! please do visit ,thank you!

Tori Amos Inspired Comic Book Tattoo!!! YAY!!!

I got my book today, supa-quick delivery from UK,hey!hey! the book is full of AWESOMENESS!!! sulit! thanks to paypal & ebay,things are now possible, hahaha!

This book makes me wanna draw!draw!DRAW!

Website will have some major changes

hehehe,actually i got some of other designers’ suggestions and criticisms regarding my website, i only have a few knowledge about web designing though,but at least those suggestions and comments from other sites made me realize that i do need to renovate my site, i’ll try really hard,hehehe, pressure! hahaha. From the header to the buttons and the links page,portfolio and some,woah! too many, it will take time,but for the benefit of the viewers i wanna make at least a decent and simple site, that would also reflect my style, i hope to finish it up soon and will update you here about it,gotta work on it now,ciao!