True Blue City

Months ago this year, i posted an artwork on my facebook , of Sherri Dupree, front woman of Eisley, particularly this artwork right here:

I tagged her, then hours later, Eisley fans and friends began to comment on the image and some added me as a contact, then there was this particular guy, from the U.S asking me if i could do his band’s  cd art cover for their up coming debut album, so i was thrilled and at the same time a bit scared of what he might expect from my outputs on the design. So he gave me their idea for the art, and then showed him my drawing and immediately he like what i came up with, and so from that, the process continued, from designing the whole album to the band’s shirt design. The Album will be out soon, so here’s a sneak peek of the True Blue City Album cover art:

Go to their myspace page here TRUE BLUE CITY for music samples from their album, it will be out on June 19th,2009, please see updates on their myspace, totally awsome band,and definitely amazing clients to work with, one of the best on my list,i hope clients are like these dudes here,great personalities that matched their awesome musice,way to go guys! God bless and have a great show on your gigs! =D

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