Clients with no ideas about Advertising

What is advertising?

ADVERTISING is an any paid form of non-personal communication of products, goods, ideas or services by an identifiable sponsor. Search that on the internet or read the books, all those words will show up.

I worked in a local Advertising Agency in Cebu, before I started doing freelance, even though it was for a short time, I learned a lot from it. Working there is hard, fun, hard, hard, did I mention hard? YES!

Whenever you pay an Ad Agency for a certain form of advertising, whether it’s a poster, newspaper ad, billboard, TV or radio ad, every revision counts, and charges depends upon the agency’s policy regarding it, and it is also applied in freelancing.

Whenever a client asks for layered files, doubts fly over the office, as from my former boss’s reaction, “NO WAY” Why? well first of all, the property of the work still belongs to the Ad Agency or the Freelance Designer, whether it’s already paid or not, even if you haven’t agreed on anything yet, the work still belongs to the ones who made it, it’s an intellectual property, skills, creativeness and talents are poured on that one hell of a poster, one hell of a radio ad, or whatever else there that they paid them to make, it’s still theirs. Second reason why you shouldn’t give your work to your client, there could be possible changes that will be made by another in-house artist or designer that they’ll get for their own. Now that the client has your layered files, he/ she can revised what you’ve made, and prior to what I have mentioned above, revisions are charged per client’s request, specially if the changes came from them, and not because the artist/designer made an error.

Why the hell am I blogging about this? because some local clients don’t understand the Advertising business, people say it’s “Pangwartahay”  well I wouldn’t deny that because it is obviously a money making industry, true but the term “Pangwartahay” would fall under negative perception in the world of advertising. They should pay whatever it is that the Agency or the freelance designer came up with, and regarding the layered files, well here’s the fact, when clients asked for the layered files, the Agency or the Freelance designer should put a price tag on that computer generated or manually done poster, billboard etc…, it’s not pride or dignity, or maybe there’s still a portion of that two, it’s business and security reasons for the work.

Clients should be aware that hiring an Ad Agency costs a lot; Freelance however depends upon the designer, if he/she wants to be a one-man/woman ad agency, be it, and prove yourself to the client that you deserve that title.

I for that matter, I charge clients depending on their location. In the Philippines I charge less, even if it’s too cheap for me I had to, because there’s that “Koripot/Tawad” mentality with the people here, I, myself had that kind of disorder, LOL! For Foreign clients I charge more than I charge locally, though the rates might be too cheap compared to their artist/ designer there, at least they’ll be willing enough to pay because it’s cheaper, and even send you gifts for thank yous or incentives perhaps so that you can produce good qualities of work.

These are prolly enough reasons to share with you all why I am so interested on going abroad, despite the recession thingy. People there don’t think about how expensive the thing is, what they are after is the quality of works produced, though my hopes for it are quite blurry for now. Reading magazines like HOW, cleared my thoughts on what’s really out there, why designers and artists and Advertising Agencies are looked up, why they pay so much on creativity, and quality. I had to compare it here, since for the past few weeks or months I think I’ve been suffering from some clients that don’t understand the Advertising world and how it works. Not all local clients that I have though right now are like that, there are some who really know how advertising runs and I appreciate them for that, and hope their business goes well.

I’m always concerned about my client’s needs, and I’m also hoping in return he/she shows how he/she appreciates my efforts to satisfy their taste. We Designers/ Artist are not magicians, yes we do have skills but we’re not robots where we can just click it there and BAM! There goes my work. I hope clients won’t underestimate the Creative behind advertising, I hope for them also to learn and embrace the world of advertising before they could hire someone, and later on complain about the pricing and ask why this and that and whatever it is that I had to explain again, again and again.

2 thoughts on “Clients with no ideas about Advertising”

  1. thanks Darl, i really do hope they’ll be able to read this topic,they badly need to be educated regarding advertising

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