What 2009 has ever done for me so far?

What 2009 has ever done for me so far? Well it was a mixed up year, bittersweet one, definitely something to remember as one of those years with climax, it started very fine, then the middle part was the big downfall, full of lies and betrayals, then later on, the last 3 months was definitely worth remembering, I wouldn’t deny that this year sounded like a typical TV drama series.

This year, I have been into a lot of trials, from dealing with an issue regarding a stolen artwork, to a client/representative trust betrayal, I have never been this strong, and courageous to face all that. I had to confront those mean ones, even if it would take some risks, but I have to fight and face them, rather than not to speak at all. I was also aware of my mistakes dealing with the wrong people, and hopefully next year I can get away from them before I make the same mistakes on trusting the wrong clients and reps again.

I was also aware that there were some  people talking trash behind my back, as if they really knew me, but despite all that, I learned how not to care what others might say and hear, I ‘d rather go listen to some feel good music than welcoming all the negative stuff.

This year I got sick and was hospitalized for a week, 3 sicknesses hit me once, I realize how terrible it was, staying at the hospital, doing nothing and get tested everyday with all those needles, and because of that, I have learned to be more healthy, and get enough sleep, I hope it will continue and improve more next year.

Despite the terrible things that happened to me in the year 2009, there were wonderful moments, new found friends and more good news came as the year ends. This year I got invited on 3 group art exhibits in Cebu, even though I’m not in the Queen City of  the south anymore, I was still lucky to have awesome friends back there,  welcoming me with open arms.  Cebu was like a get away place for me, where I can do things without worrying too much on problems and issues.

I finally launched my website this year that I personally made myself, thanks to the internet that has become more and more user friendly, especially to those who are a bit of a techno-moron like me, hehehe.

More recognition on my career, and works this year, I have been more experimental and have become more inspired to do more artsy stuff, and I am thankful to those strangers here and from other parts of the world, that have been featuring my works on their websites, blogsites, webzines, book and magazine.

Last November 28, 2009, I also faced the thing that I hated most, to be in front of a big crowd, and talk to them, I was asked to give a talk about what I learned on shirt designing. I was definitely one of those people who were very shy and it was a big surprise for me and to those people who knew me before that I would took that challenge, it went well and it did help me a lot on gaining more confidence to myself.

We just had our 10th year High school reunion, and it was a blast from the past, I still can’t get over my shyness to my fellow batchmates but at least I enjoyed the night with some good ‘ol friends and some class clowns to entertain us all.

Before the 12th month of this year came, another great news was poured upon me, and It also made me realize that patience has played very well this year for me, there were moments where I have become desperate, but thank God, for my friends and family who were there to help me think and decide and to wait long enough to get that awesome news, I also think prayers were big help as well.

Hopefully, as the clock strikes at 12 midnight, it will have a good start for the year 2010, I hope it will be a good year for a career move, new place, new friends to meet, new challenges, and hoping to hear more good news and less bad ones too and also to get healthy and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully get back on shape, hehe.

I wish everyone here a very Happy New Year, and good luck on everything, have a great 2010!!!



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