Hoping to get another PRINT!!!

2011 designs

Let's study the Humanosaurs - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

The Midnight Snack Club - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

These are 2 of the designs I submitted to threadless this year, dunno if they have a chance to get printed, though they have a strong chance due to the scores, but I have been through this, getting good scores, even got 3 and up, but they never got printed, I hope this year I’ll get at least one, something I could add up next to my Dead Sucker, who’s been sitting there lonely on my threadless page,hehe, so let’s cross our fingers and toes shall we?! YEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!

Another Shadowness Feature

Last April I registered to this site http://shadowness.com/ but didn’t get immediately active due to my day job, but since I got my annual vacation last middle of May, I began uploading my old works on the site, and they kept on getting noticed, and most of them got featured not only on this site but also at http://abduzeedo.com , it’s cool to hang out and meet new people from other parts of the world, and aside from that the admins on the site are also very involve with the community, which I find very awesome, just like the threadless community, I really find it very admiring when the admins help out their community and be more supportive to them. Here is another feature I got from the Shadowness team http://shadowness.com/dailyinspiration/forum/daily-inspiration-126 THANKS guys! you are awesome!!!

Reviving the abandoned stuff

I left a sketchbook clean, and just a few pages dirty, so last night I started sketching on it again, to continue the series of illustration that I was planning to make before,but didn’t got the time to continue. Just happy to experiment on my caricature skills, I wanna practice on digital painting more and more these days, base on the sketches I’m making on this old abandoned sketchbook, and looksie it’s Eisley! hehehe

Graphika Manila 2011

Hi guys! it’s time of the year again for Graphika Manila, more and more awesome speakers for you, haven’t attended one, ever since, I missed out last years’ Tara McPherson’s talk,way-waaaaaaay toooo baaaaad!!! it sucks when all are great things are coming in the Philippines ( that includes the concerts! aaaaarggghh!!!) and I’m here stuck at work, bummer!!! but what the hell I want other people to enjoy and hope you guys could come to this event, they’ve got different speakers every year, so better show up! =D

Visit the site http://www.graphikamanila.com/ for more info!