Graphika Manila 2011

Hi guys! it’s time of the year again for Graphika Manila, more and more awesome speakers for you, haven’t attended one, ever since, I missed out last years’ Tara McPherson’s talk,way-waaaaaaay toooo baaaaad!!! it sucks when all are great things are coming in the Philippines ( that includes the concerts! aaaaarggghh!!!) and I’m here stuck at work, bummer!!! but what the hell I want other people to enjoy and hope you guys could come to this event, they’ve got different speakers every year, so better show up! =D

Visit the site for more info!

Long time no post

Wow! dunno when was the last time I posted a blog here, it’s was easier on tumblr, it was just a simple photo upload post or just reblog others, I had to admit It’s pretty much convenient for me to just have more clicking and less typing, hahaha! Having a day job and some other stuff made my time more limited, hope this won’t be the last blog either, hehehe.