Monthly Archives: August 2011


Just got hooked up with work lately, been imprisoned inside the office, and got out this weekend for a getaway, so it was a mix of a hell week and an awesome adrenaline  rush weekend. I’m still in need of some relaxation this Eid break, but I’m up to finishing some stuff, and catch up with personal projects, which I have to make-up with cuz these are the things I luv to do most.  I just made a Dexter sketch putting aside the Astonishing x-men for a pencil and paper session.


A Lil’ girl’s fantasy

An Idea I have for the Loves Horror competition at threadless, stuff toys and dolls coming to life, in a horrific kind of way,hehe,will color this soon, I hope there’s a big chance.

Death is beautiful!

In a literal way, cuz she is, and how’s she’s been portrayed in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series, here’s a sketch I made of her.

Art Trade!!!

Hana (RHOB) pm’d on FB last June, asking how much do I charge for a vector portrait, I actually don’t do much of vector portraits anymore, but instead of getting paid for it, I asked her to make one for me, like a trade, since she’s one of the artists  who does amazing vector art, and it would be a great opportunity to get myself a portrait from someone I trusted with the craft.

I wasn’t able to think much of how to come up with the background and all sorts of elements after i was done vectoring her face, and she mentioned before that she loves cats,I though of Alice in Wonderland, but I think it’s been overplayed too much. Since I’m a big Hayao Miyazaki fan, and luv the character of Kiki, from Kiki’s Delivery Service , one of Miyazaki’s animated film from Ghibli, I thought of making Hana as the character Kiki, and since Kiki’s a witch, she can do sorts of magic, maybe come out of a picture frame,hahaha!

And here’s a portrait of me by Hana! Coolness!!!

Hanging out with the Dream King!

After finishing my journey through the Sandman series, I’ve been planning to re-create some of the important characters of Neil Gaiman’s Graphic novel series “Sandman”, just getting started with the Dream King, with follow the rest during my free time, and will be coloring them all too! =D

Dead Sucker reprinted!!!

What a good morning! just got a news that my “Dead Sucker” tee at Threadless just got reprinted, so grab one or more now, and to the girls, sorry, it’s still available as guy tee, but if you like to have one, request for a reprint on your sizes, thanks!!! =D

Another Awesomeness!

Another awesomeness! got featured on Behance Gallery