Art Trade!!!

Hana (RHOB) pm’d on FB last June, asking how much do I charge for a vector portrait, I actually don’t do much of vector portraits anymore, but instead of getting paid for it, I asked her to make one for me, like a trade, since she’s one of the artists  who does amazing vector art, and it would be a great opportunity to get myself a portrait from someone I trusted with the craft.

I wasn’t able to think much of how to come up with the background and all sorts of elements after i was done vectoring her face, and she mentioned before that she loves cats,I though of Alice in Wonderland, but I think it’s been overplayed too much. Since I’m a big Hayao Miyazaki fan, and luv the character of Kiki, from Kiki’s Delivery Service , one of Miyazaki’s animated film from Ghibli, I thought of making Hana as the character Kiki, and since Kiki’s a witch, she can do sorts of magic, maybe come out of a picture frame,hahaha!

And here’s a portrait of me by Hana! Coolness!!!

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