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“HYBRID” For NewEra

This my NewEra Entry “Hybrid” Inspired by reading a graphic novel called “Sweet Tooth” , I thought of how is it going to be like a human having features of an animal or the other way around, how does that make you feel when people starts to treat you like the other species, and the first thing ever came up to me while looking at the cap was an image of a turtle, so there it is.

Here’s the whole video of how I did the whole thing enjoy!


“Hybrid” – New Era video

A video I edited for the New Era contest, showcasing how i customized their cap, it’s 30 + minutes long, in case you got bored, skip all the sewing parts, and forward directly to the painting part, where it gets more interesting,hehehe!

to find out more about the New Era competition, go here ​

all music courtesy of New Era

Featured in TimeOut Dubai

Time Out Dubai issue September 29 – October 5 2011, celebrating their 10th Anniversary featured some of their top 10’s, including “Top 10 artists to watch in Dubai”, happy to be included for this, including my fellow filipino artist and friend Ella Orencillo, grab a copy now, if you’re around DXB =D

Also featured on their website as well

Photos courtesy of Ella Orencillo

KinoFest in Romania!

I got this email from someone who’s one of the organizers for KinoFest in Romania, they invited me to get involve and be part of their exhibition online, don’t yet how will they exhibit the guest artists on the actual festival itself, so i’m excited to find out as well.

Kinofest if the first digital film festival in Romania, since 2007, the festival this year will take place on 28-30 October 2011, they will be showcasing more films, concerts and various events and exhibitions.

check more info on their website

Slitz Magazine interview

I almost forgot that I have this interview with Slitz Magazine last year, If you wanna download the whole issue go to this link , warning though, this mag is for 18 years and below,woops! I mean up,hahaha!

Hello Rat Killer

New Painting, hello kitty inspired, with a different twist, hehe

“Hello Rat Killer”

Acrylic on Canvas

17.5″ x 23″

juxtaposed with the original sketch

“Hello Rat Killer”

A little girl’s fantasy

Lonely little girls always fantasize on making their stuff animals and dolls come to life, specially when parents turn bad, but little girls, be careful what you wish for, they might come true, and will turn out to be so much more than you would expect,oooooh…

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