“HYBRID” For NewEra

This my NewEra http://neweraintroducing.com/ Entry “Hybrid” Inspired by reading a graphic novel called “Sweet Tooth” , I thought of how is it going to be like a human having features of an animal or the other way around, how does that make you feel when people starts to treat you like the other species, and the first thing ever came up to me while looking at the cap was an image of a turtle, so there it is.

Here’s the whole video of how I did the whole thing http://vimeo.com/29780133 enjoy!

2 thoughts on ““HYBRID” For NewEra”

    1. mga 1 week guro, ang nakadugay ani kay ang pag sigeg kadelay tungod sa sigeg charge sa battery sa cam,hehehe, kay we need to take a video of ourselves doing the process,hehe

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