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Creative Cards Project

I will be participating on this project along with other awesome artists on this list, excited to get started with it!!! =D

Finally got featured at JUXTAPOZ

Finally got featured at Juxtapoz, seeing my Manny Pacquiao Nike Poster on their website just made my day, oh what a joy!!!

Read the article here

‎”Unfamiliar Growth”

“Unfamiliar Growth”

A4 size, Graphite on Paper

I started this one late last year, but wasn’t able to finish it up due to a lot of work, but while I was having a “American Horror Story” marathon today cuz I couldn’t go back to sleep , it just made me remember this one and decided to finish it up =)

2012 is here, and it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy with work, after my short vacation back home, hoping to make more post after this one! Belated Happy 2012! Have an awesome Dragon Year!!!