9 of Spades for Creative Cards Project

Lately I got invited by Digital Abstracts to be part of the list of artists, participating for the Creative Cards Project, among the lists were some of the great artists, illustrators and designers of today’s industry, and i was lucky to be picked and be part of this project. I was late on picking out a card, so I end up choosing the ones that were left, so I picked 9 of spades, cuz I figured the more the merrier, and prolly be more challenging for me to occupy enough space for the 9 spades.  I googled and look through some definitions about spades and what 9 of spades is all about, I stumbled upon too many definition, so I ended up coming up with something on my own. I wanted my card to have it’s own personality, something mysterious, she could be dark but has a mixture of vividness to her, like all the definitions of the card, she’s very much a mystery to everyone.

Here are some of the pics and screen shots of the creative process.

I usually start with finding some references for angles of the faces,and where the shadows are placed, here’s one of the pics I got from a hair magazine, both useful reference for haircuts and drawings,hehe.

Sketching it up!!! =D

Done! ready for vectoring!

Only a few people love using illustrator, and I’m among those few,haha!

I wanted a very decorative background for my card, so I started making some ornaments for it, for me, the background is as important as the foreground.


The best thing about creating decorative ornament patterns is repetition, just make one design, flip it horizontally, vertically, duplicate, and wallah! your pattern is served! =D

Here you go! background done, the colors during the process is not always final, this is the best about illustrator, I could easily change the colors, re-size the objects without pixelating them, deal with that PS! booyah!!! LOL!

Outlining the foreground. I don’t use ordinary stroke for the pen tool and brush, there are variety of strokes to choose from.

There she goes!

Like what I said, the colors are not always final during the process, I’m a girl, I easily change my mind through it,nyahahahaha!

I’m always excited to apply lights and shadows on my work, they always bring them to life.

9 of SPADES!!! It will be up soon at this site:


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