NEW ERA Introducing Final stop in DXB

Finally!!! the New Era Introducing tour was here in Dubai, last Wednesday night April 25, 2012, and it lasted yesterday, we finally get to see the other finalists from around the globe, including ours, and Lina Al-Amoudi, who won the grand prize. And we also got the book, where our caps were in it! =D

Ella with her cap!

One of my fave!

My weird turtle cap here! hehehe

Another mystery and a case of a stolen art. Victoria Viray’s cap got lost during the Barcelona exhibit, some dude really dig her cap, but still, he stole a work of art.

Flordeliza  Pesigan and her lovely sculpture of the New Era cap.

Mark Ganzon’s cap, I think half or more than half of the 10 finalists for the UAE team are all filipinos.

Lina Al-Amoudi’s winning cap entry, AWESOME!!!

A photo with Lina, such a very down to earth person.

Us 4, UAE/ Philippines rep! hehehe!

Late ME Film & COMICON post

Last last weekend, April 20-21 2012, held the first Comicon here in Dubai, and was not only catered to dxb peeps alone, it was for the whole Middle East. Surprisingly the event was packed for 2 days straight, people were coming in and out non-stop. For a year of waiting, finally it happened, and people from other parts of ME came to just experience the most talked about Comicon in the US, it was also a dream come true of mine, cuz I’ve been wanting to experience comicon myself, and it happened, what’s even better was that I am one of the exhibitors along with my artist friend, Ella Orencillo, who was busy airbrushing the custom made shirts. Our prints, posters and postcards were selling like hotcakes, and aside from that, we made people put a smile on their faces. The experience was definitely the most awesome weekend ever here in UAE, and I hope next year will be bigger, better, wider, and you might see me finally doing cosplay, hehe, see the pics I took below, on what was going on during ME Comicon 2012.

Our Prints, posters, postcards and shirts, next year we’re planning on making more, and most probably more fan art goodies, inspired by comic book and famous movie characters using our own style of illustrations.

Our booth, and Ella doing here own thing, airbrushing custom made shirts.

First one who wore my shirt during the Comicon event, awesome!!!

i should get my very own lightsaber, for self defense, hehehe

My friend, the Jedi! LOL!

One of my fave characters from the V for Vendetta  graphic novel.

Bleach peeps! too bad I didn’t see Ichigo around =(

Mmmm-mmm… Jason Mamoa!!! nom!nom!

John Rhys- Davies a.k.a. Gimli from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Laurie Holden from “The Walking Dead” tv series, I luv her character, Andrea, I luv her character more on the graphic novel, I’m still wondering what’s going to happen on the tv series since it’s going on the different direction.

The best part of the event EVER!!!!!! YES!!!! hehehehe

Before and After…

Here are the before and after images of my DOA exhibit entries, and the stories behind them,enjoy!


“Internal Escapade”

Both of my entries depicts my personal struggle, but of course it’s not a self portrait, it’s more of an inner self reflection. For “Internal Escapade”, It’s about how I wanted out of a situation, and since in reality, I can’t let myself risk everything, so I ended up having an inner escapade through my imagination, I know I can get all through this, I’ll just think of some happy thoughts and imagine stuff that makes my worries go away for a while.



Again, another personal struggle reflecting on this work of art, sometimes we all want to disappear for once, just to get away from reality. I did took 3 days off while working on my DOA exhibit entries stuff, never thought of the perfect timing to polish “Dissolve” during my short leave, it could be a coincidence.

Designers of Asia (DOA) Kyoto Japan exhibit

“Internal Escapade”


These works are now displayed at Metropolitan Gallery Café, at Kyoto Japan, as part of the DOA exhibit, if you’re somewhere in Kyoto, please drop by and the rest of the members’ works, and for those outside JP, i’ll try to ask for some pictures taken from the event opening =)

A sneak peek for my DOA, Kyoto Japan exhibit entries

A sneak peek for Designers of Asia, Kyoto Japan exhibit entries, I have 2 entries for the entire exhibit, I totally forgot how many galleries in Kyoto these 2 will be shown, along with the entries of some of the great designers of Asia, but I’m totally excited to see the pictures and how things will go, even if I’m not gonna make it there, It’s always been my dream to come to Japan, I’m jealous for my prints, since they get to be there, roaming around Kyoto, I guess they’ve reached their destination by now, lucky prints!

My Willy Wonka for Chocol’art

“Wonka’s Craving” Acrylic on Canvas 60cm x 80cm

I made this one within 24 hours, I only had 2 days to get this thing done before the Chocol’art event here in Dubai, which was held last weekend, It’s an event to raise funds for the Dubai Make-a-wish foundation. There was too much work at the office, and during that time I was also preparing 2 artworks for the Designers of Asia, Kyoto, Japan exhibit this April. Good thing I was able to finish all of my deadlines, including this one for Chocol’art, but unfortunately this wasn’t sold at the auction, it would have been good if someone bid for it, since it’s for charity, it was just too bad cuz it was displayed somewhere only a few people could see, oh well, if someone’s interested to buy this, I would definitely sell it, but it would have been good if it was during the night at the event.

Final 9 of Spades for Creative Cards Project

Here’s the final 9 of Spades I made for the Creative Cards Project, I kind of edited the outline a bit to add more edge to it, and make the image come out more, and I also got rid of my number 9, since it has to be uniformed, along with the other cards. Only a few more cards yet to be revealed and we’re good to go, but you can pre-order the whole deck or just the fave ones here . Place your order now, before May 1st, to get the free poster.