Late ME Film & COMICON post

Last last weekend, April 20-21 2012, held the first Comicon here in Dubai, and was not only catered to dxb peeps alone, it was for the whole Middle East. Surprisingly the event was packed for 2 days straight, people were coming in and out non-stop. For a year of waiting, finally it happened, and people from other parts of ME came to just experience the most talked about Comicon in the US, it was also a dream come true of mine, cuz I’ve been wanting to experience comicon myself, and it happened, what’s even better was that I am one of the exhibitors along with my artist friend, Ella Orencillo, who was busy airbrushing the custom made shirts. Our prints, posters and postcards were selling like hotcakes, and aside from that, we made people put a smile on their faces. The experience was definitely the most awesome weekend ever here in UAE, and I hope next year will be bigger, better, wider, and you might see me finally doing cosplay, hehe, see the pics I took below, on what was going on during ME Comicon 2012.

Our Prints, posters, postcards and shirts, next year we’re planning on making more, and most probably more fan art goodies, inspired by comic book and famous movie characters using our own style of illustrations.

Our booth, and Ella doing here own thing, airbrushing custom made shirts.

First one who wore my shirt during the Comicon event, awesome!!!

i should get my very own lightsaber, for self defense, hehehe

My friend, the Jedi! LOL!

One of my fave characters from the V for Vendetta  graphic novel.

Bleach peeps! too bad I didn’t see Ichigo around =(

Mmmm-mmm… Jason Mamoa!!! nom!nom!

John Rhys- Davies a.k.a. Gimli from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Laurie Holden from “The Walking Dead” tv series, I luv her character, Andrea, I luv her character more on the graphic novel, I’m still wondering what’s going to happen on the tv series since it’s going on the different direction.

The best part of the event EVER!!!!!! YES!!!! hehehehe

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