NEW ERA Introducing Final stop in DXB

Finally!!! the New Era Introducing tour was here in Dubai, last Wednesday night April 25, 2012, and it lasted yesterday, we finally get to see the other finalists from around the globe, including ours, and Lina Al-Amoudi, who won the grand prize. And we also got the book, where our caps were in it! =D

Ella with her cap!

One of my fave!

My weird turtle cap here! hehehe

Another mystery and a case of a stolen art. Victoria Viray’s cap got lost during the Barcelona exhibit, some dude really dig her cap, but still, he stole a work of art.

Flordeliza  Pesigan and her lovely sculpture of the New Era cap.

Mark Ganzon’s cap, I think half or more than half of the 10 finalists for the UAE team are all filipinos.

Lina Al-Amoudi’s winning cap entry, AWESOME!!!

A photo with Lina, such a very down to earth person.

Us 4, UAE/ Philippines rep! hehehe!

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