A Look Back and Moving Forward

It’s been a blast for me last 2012, I would have to say it’s a mixture of fun, thrill, adventure, exhaustion, bitterness, reward, love and hate, disappointments, failures and achievements all came to me last year. 2012 marks my 2nd year in Dubai, 2013 i’m going for my 3rd year this February. Work for me has been a mixed emotion in Dubai, I felt time was stolen away from me more last year, updating my works had been slow, those extra times, where I could have finished some personal works, had beed taken away from me,i’ve been excusing myself, from those moments where I’m supposed to be free, an excuse that I didn’t make. There were times where I had to think if it’s worth staying, but I wanted to last ’til my last term, and from there, let’s see where this thing goes. Though my day job has been tough, I was still blessed last 2012, I did some personal stuff and made an effort to be part of Dubai’s art scene, included more art exhibitions and events, and met more fellow artists. From the Genius exhibit, Sole DXB, Chocol’art, New Era,2nd MEGA vinyl toy exhibition, Fakie 2, to the 1st Comicon event in the Middle East, everything seems to open its doors to me to some new opportunities. 420052_10150594648570513_1527481086_n     552863_10150792103625513_219276350_n 564016_10150715031190513_721193291_n 549283_10150717193535513_218740475_n 532828_10150792101030513_1413221390_n 485783_10150776048015513_1087336803_n 36539_10150783637480513_254969061_n P1050458 P1050444 548427_10150659409111367_102793386366_9609994_1514758643_n P1050615 382539_10150891762271367_805325962_n     399409_10151035654160513_74350593_n 396975_10150470687691367_1691872017_n 523858_10150782490770513_773073025_n

Having my works displayed and shown abroad was also a big part this year, from being  part of DOA (Designers of Asia) 1st exhibit in Japan, to get featured in Juxtapoz online, to be pick as one of the artist for the Creative Cards and more features online… Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 9.50.01 AM 9-spades-big 3447_10151210192320513_1998988524_n Kyoto 558581_10150628076951367_174811042_n 580984_10150631760231367_15220171_n 522264_10150760611526367_1490949745_n

Here in the Philippines (as I am still here on my annual leave vacation) I was also grateful by the opportunities that was showered upon me, even if I was abroad. Even though I wasn’t able to submit an artwork for this year’s Graphika Manila book, I was still invited to create a sticker as part for their freebies, which was fun. The “BWAKAW” team that made me part of their team as well, asked me to make their film’s official poster, never thought I could be part of the team that would grab awards and praises abroad, and now is one of the contender for this year’s much awaited Oscars, for the Best Foreign Film category, oh! I hope they’ll win, it will be a great achievement for the whole country! 471421_10150835758556367_2131553460_o 392369_10150946752866367_556691989_n

I also garnered with projects, in collaboration with other artist and bands. 472868_10150560283126367_870163147_o 467354_10150611049506367_486463695_o 615951_452606568109942_1669688991_o

Despite being exhausted at my day job, from doing what other’s wanted me to do, I still manage to do some personal works, which is a getaway for me, this includes the Sketchbook Project for 2012, which I’ve completed by January 2012, and hopefully for the next one, I could still catch up before the deadline. 574539_10150641145376367_1885565508_n

529637_10151020933460513_245191740_n 397054_10150645514935513_1553609314_n

This year was supposed to end with me being a speaker for Visual Arabia http://www.visualarabia.com/ but they have to move the event, this coming March 2013, so I’ll prolly just hush a bit for now on what’s gonna come for my career this 2013.

Aside from my career last 2012, it was also a big change for me, cuz it was my first time to move out to a new place in Dubai, my first and very own flat, a studio type apartment, which makes more space for me to work on my projects, can’t wait to get back to Dubai and get dirty with paint, pencil smudges and inks! 222111_10151167408860513_378620237_n 390401_10151167407400513_628411193_n

Travel!!! one of the best part last year was my travels and adventure to Europe (Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris). Can’t wait on where to go this year, woohooooo!!! 311275_10151245112350513_900965372_n 207081_10151133196430513_1457618938_n 182296_10151311440765513_659015603_n 480319_10151133198475513_1494590963_n

Concerts and small gigs was also a blast this year, I get to see some of the greatest and the newbies, MADONNA, BJORK, FEIST, COLDPLAY, BLOCPARTY, OF MONSTERS AND MEN etc…etc… This year I hope to see more, for music is a big part of my life. 580685_10150776095070513_1637905241_nThe Kooks 579979_10151133614915513_1115688561_nBush 579124_10150829449995513_596650735_nMorcheeba 558770_10151133612260513_211402030_nPukkelpop Festival 2012 (Thursday only) 547007_10150734580720513_775089081_nRizzle Kicks 539289_10151133623105513_1468979112_nFeist 550763_10151260358855513_126610307_nStereophonics 527921_10150734582060513_77935503_nKaiser Chiefs 431416_10151133617355513_99955938_nBlocparty 423763_10150683037860513_1151959036_nSnowpatrol 404996_10150517995605513_2065872766_nColdplay 398272_10151304478550513_926314121_nTribes 376635_10151133612990513_1568418294_nOf Monsters and Men 320154_10151133618210513_176023910_nBjork 251849_10150955100315513_1056700683_nMadonna 228532_10151133615365513_703015265_nSantigold P1080224Lazzy Lung 416785_10151216849645513_2060969882_nRazorlight 545975_10151133612120513_563258877_nSnoopdog P1080262Black Lips

I also made some self rewards myself this year, plus a gift from Steve Caballero, in exchange of my original sketch and a print of the artwork I made for SOLE DXB for Vans’ Half Cab.





I’m also glad that before the year ended, I was so happy to see my fellow Girlaloo artsy gals in Cebu, hopefully we’ll be back on track this year!!! Stay tuned for our Interview for Blanc Magazine .

I hope this year will be better, I’ve been hearing this a lot, that it’s better to count your blessings, than remembering the things that frustrates you, we want ourselves to be happy, and with that we pay it forward, so for this year, let’s strive to find happiness, despite all the things that let’s us down, let’s find the things that strengthen us, and find a way to let the negative vibes out of our lives. hopefully this year, i’ll end and cut off that string of negative vibe that’s been holding me back for almost 3 years, and I pray it will lead me to a better one that will allow me to keep me going, and hopefully pay my bank debts, hahahahaha! And to wrap things up, here’s an interview I did late last year for  I AM AN ARTIST

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