I miss this…

I had to admit, the power of social media, micro blogging, insta-posting has made me lazier to create a blog these days, even updating my page on facebook and updating my website and other stuff that needs to be updated has been on a hiatus, it’s either I’m busy, or the only time left for me is to lay down and sleep, cuz I badly need it these days. I remember, during the time when multiply was the hit of the town, I got hooked on posting, whole entire albums of pictures and blogging, it continued through facebook, but when the micro blogging of just saying brief stuff about your opinions or what you’re doing or what you like has become a practice of mine, the whole blogging thingy has been demolished, out of my busy schedule. With my instagram account, I could just post one pic and then put a bit of description and some hashtags, and then we’re good, but the essence of blogging isn’t there, it’s just posting of some stuff and waiting to get likes, I do admit, I’m guilty of that shit, but due to busy schedules and all, I couldn’t find the time to post blogs, meaning the regular blogs where you write like an entire article about anything you think of, or stuff you think people should be getting into, so my way of informing people these days about what I’m into, is just posting some videos from YouTube or take pics or videos and insta-post them and that’s it, without explaining why I love these stuff, or why I hated them or telling them what technique or what drove me to draw some stuff. Now I wanna go back and start writing blogs again, I seriously miss this, and I wanna revive my blog site, and even wanna make my website alive and be up to date once again. I feel like I locked myself up for a while, hibernating for almost a year without writing. Consider this one as the first, hope I could follow up more posts soon, let’s see😜.

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