Vinyl records and my history of collecting music

Way way back, before I started collecting vinyl records, before all mp3’s can easily be downloaded online, I collected cassette tapes, made mixtapes (for myself), recorded songs from the radio that are not available from the record shop, all of these for the love of music. I thought when I stopped collecting cassette tapes and CDs, it will be the end of it, cuz the booming of online music, made it easier for me to carry them wherever i may go, cuz unlike before, going away for college was a bit of a hassle, I can’t live without music, it’s just my ultimate addiction, I used to have at least brought 15 of my most listened to collection whenever it’s time for me to leave, going back to my dorm away from home.

When the mp3 was very much available online, I was like hooked on downloading every single, every album from my old faves and new discoveries. After college, when I started working me and my ex-roomie, had this late night Internet cafe hanging out session, where we’re just there downloading everything we needed to download, even music videos from the bands and artists that we like. It was a once a week session that we have, since the internet back then was quite expensive, and Internet cafés were the only cheapest access we could get, without restrictions, unlike our former work place, even the owner of the Internet cafe that we always go to, recognized us and our usual request to transfer and burn all the stuff we just downloaded from the internet.

Everything was just available online, as years have gone by, it was easy and way more faster than before. When I moved here in Dubai, I still continued downloading stuff online, the internet is even way more faster. But there was this re-occurring thought that I had before, that there was something more when you buy a CD or a Cassette tape, it’s not only about paying the artist or the band for their effort, it’s also something that it kind of gives more value to the stuff you listen to, even if you say you bought the music from iTunes, it’s still doesn’t make sense if you buy an mp3 when it’s already available online for free, it’s bad I know, everybody’s doing it, bands and artists these days don’t mind, it even helped launched some of their careers, hey! the music industry didn’t die when the music was free for online downloading, the only thing that died was the old MTV, when reality tv got more airings than the music videos.

One day I started having this desire on getting back into my hobby, collecting albums from my favorite bands and artists. Cassette tapes are gone, CDs are still alive and well, I did started collecting some CDs back, I have a few of them here, but I was having this urge to collect something more valuable and authentic. I’ve been seeing these record players online, and It made me remember when I was young, we use to have this old record player back home, my uncle and older cousins used to play some of the old stuff, and the record that hit me that time was Queen, I was really into it. The player, the old records we use to have, it was not owned by one, it was for the whole family, I could only recall that it was fun once they turned the thing on and played all the records. Dunno what happened to it, I kept asking my mom before, but I guess it was thrown out because it wasn’t working anymore, but I still saw some of the vinyl records misplaced on some corners in the house.

So one day I decided to buy a record player, and scout out some 2nd hand shops here for some old vinyl records. It did something to me, not just for the sake of collecting, but it did bring back such old memories of fun, the way you have to place the needle on the record, the way it turned, and the way it played, it’s something that I couldn’t actually explain, but simply appreciate the simplicity of it, and how that flat circled shape thing could produce such pure music once the needle touches it and spins. Some people may think, oh it’s just another hipster thingy, or it’s just impractical, cuz I could have just downloaded some stuff online, well yeah, they have a point, and it’s just quite a timing for me since most hipsters are into vinyl records these days, it’s not a bad thing though, only problematic people put matters on things that doesn’t really matter or doesn’t bother me at all.

Like what I’ve said, I’ve been collecting music for my whole life, I have playlists modes from time to time, this collection of vinyls that I have is just me trying to get back into my old hobby, and I wanted to get back on that thrill of having these records available on the record shop or at amazon, waiting to own one, it was the same thrill that I had before whenever an album that I was looking forward to was already available on cassette tape, saving my whole week allowance back in high school, and buying the tapes by the end of the week, that feeling of having it on my own hands, and playing it for the first time, the only difference today is that vinyl records are way more pricey and perhaps it’s just an upgrade from my old collection, and it’s just makes me feel good to get back on this hobby. Art is my main priority, MUSIC is my mistress.


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