It’s a shame that artists are force to devalue themselves through exposure and not to lose their job or gig, I know this for a fact cuz I’ve been there and still experiencing these dilemmas. Nowadays they will ask you how much, you tell your price, they will say we’ve work with this artists before and we pay them much cheaper than you rate yours, my point is they are telling you that it’s a competition out there on who’s cheaper, you lose the gig cuz you won’t settle for less, how annoying is that? There are times when you really need the money for family matters or bills, that you give in to it, I’m ashamed of it, cuz I end up having more jobs and lesser payment. That’s why it’s a struggle to get that time to create your own portfolio, with your own works on it, specially if you don’t like the works you’ve been doing in the office or for the clients, so there are times I have to lock myself inside my room, not to socialize for I am trying to build up my career as an illustrator who caters some unique style and not just someone who knows how to draw, who can copy other people’s work or someone you just wanted to hire cuz he/she is fast enough to finish your damn job.

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