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Say it’s too late to say “Hello 2019” I haven’t been able to write a blog since…end of 2014 ey?! hahaha, anyways, I might be writing more from now on, I miss this long and personal, quite opinionated blogging type of expressing ourselves, I’ve been off from the social media faves of microblogging, FB, IG and Twitter, I might come back one of these days, but I’m still busy figuring out things, dealing with clients despite the market for illustration/graphic design freelancing is declining in this region, due to the rise of social media video content, and some have been saving their budget, so it’s a little bit worrisome, it hit me with some financial catastrophe, hahaha, yep! been dealing for it since last year, but things had been like a lifeline monitor lately, so for now it’s still beating and breathing, and hopefully positive things will come, fingers cross that things will be a-OK. Anywhoo while I’m still busy with stuff, here’s my website, added more content to it, I’m hoping to add a bit more, probably animation? yep! hopefully soon, ciao for now! and btw this blog is now connected to my webbie, and vice-versa

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