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New Moleskine sketches

New Moleskine sketches

I have been posting back on my behance again, I got tired of re-posting this one here, so here’s the link for some of my new moleskine sketches, enjoy!



Just got hooked up with work lately, been imprisoned inside the office, and got out this weekend for a getaway, so it was a mix of a hell week and an awesome adrenaline¬† rush weekend. I’m still in need of some relaxation this Eid break, but I’m up to finishing some stuff, and catch up with personal projects, which I have to make-up with cuz these are the things I luv to do most.¬† I just made a Dexter sketch putting aside the Astonishing x-men for a pencil and paper session.

A Lil’ girl’s fantasy

An Idea I have for the Loves Horror competition at threadless, stuff toys and dolls coming to life, in a horrific kind of way,hehe,will color this soon, I hope there’s a big chance.

Boredom lead to some addiction

Got nothing to do at the office, I was supposed to come up with some proactive stuff, but I ended up to Bleach,hahaha!