Back to Back Feature

Yesterday i felt bad and betrayed by something I discovered recently, related to last week’s unfortunate events and non-stop ranting, but I decided to hush and refrain from any sort of getting back at those who did something bad behind my back and instead be patient and focus on the brighter side, cuz good things comes to those who wait. Well indeed it is, this morning after I went for my daily jog, I opened my facebook and discovered that one of my works was mention on Behance Network rotation, and then seconds later discovered that my “Tangled Up” work has been awarded to be featured at Shadowness and at the same time for me to get my portfolio to be featured today, how awesome could that be? every little things are AWESOME in there own ways.

Aside from all the awesomeness, I am at the same time currently reading the The BOOK of AWESOME by by Neil Pasricha, from now on every lil amazing thing in every day, every hour, every minute, every second will be just purely be AWESOME, this is just an awesome way of saying count your blessings, hehe, good day peeps! hope you have an AWESOME day today!

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